Welcome to my Projects section! This section showcases both completed and ongoing projects. It aims to give an overview of the work I have done and am currently doing. These projects span across different domains, including web development, data analysis, and software engineering. Each project provides details such as its purpose, technologies used, and outcomes achieved.


Creating a Netflix/Disney world clone which displays current movie and TV just to apply my knowledge on working with the fetch API

Technologies used: Vanilla JS, Swipper Library, and MovieAPI (IMdb).

Status: completed

Available at : Watch-Happy

A Shopping/Item List App

A vanilla JavaScript (JS) app which was built primarily to gain insight with JS before moving to JS frameworks like react and angular. The main concepts grasped from this mini project was array methods, localStorage, clean code, DOM manipulations, and Event Handling.

Technologies used: Vanilla JavaScript..

Status: completed

Available at: Shopping/Item List

Easify Management

Creating a project management tool like Jira and Trello, but much more simplified.

Technologies used:ReactJS, Tailwing CSS, MySQL

Status: On-Going but deployed

Available at : Easify Management

Chrome Extension Project

A chrome extension, called saves tracker, that allows you to save webpage URLs to your local storage for future reference. It's a convenient way to keep track of important webpages that you may want to revisit later.

Technologies used: ReactJS and Chrome API.

Status: completed

Download from Github: saves tracker chrome extension

Share Ideas & Quotes

This is a dynamic and user-friendly web application designed to foster creativity, inspiration, and motivation among its users. This app serves as a vibrant hub where individuals can freely share their innovative ideas and favorite quotes for others to see, commentes will soon be added to create an engaging and motivating community.

Technologies used: ReactJS, NodeJS, Webpack and MongoDB.

Status: Completed

Available at : Share Ideas & Fav Quotes

Green Drive Web Application

This is a full-stack web application designed to streamline the process of converting vehicles to hybrid electric power. With a community,news feed, cost tracker amongst other cool features.

Technologies used: Vanilla JavaScript, NodeJS, Bootstrap, and MongoDB.

Status: On-Going but deployed

Available at : GreenDrive webapp

Data Mining & Analytics using Python

The data is about accidents that have happened in a given LSOA (Lower Super Output Areas) - Harringey in 5 years ( from 2005 - 2010). These accidents shows the level of severity, number of vehicles involved, the number of casualties involved, type of road on which the accidents occurred and data and time at which the accident occured.

Technologies used: Python, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Jupyter Notebook.

Status: completed

View on Github: Data Mining and Analytics using Python

Database Handling

I designed and implemented a secure and efficient database for LSBu Auto Shop. The database includes tables for customers, suppliers, and vehicle parts, and was optimized for easy querying. The database ensures data integrity and confidentiality, providing a solid foundation for the business's data management needs.

Technologies used: MSSQL and Tableau.

Status: On-Going